Kapco Global Acquires D+C-Airparts Battery in Europe GmbH: An Authorized Aircraft Batteries and Parts Distributor

We at Kapco Global are excited to announce our recent acquisition of German battery distribution company D+C-Airparts Battery in Europe GmbH. Said Kapco Global CEO and President Andrew Todhunter, “To have their expertise and service capabilities now under the Kapco Global name means an expansion of our international footprint and added value for our customers […]

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3 Big Impacts to Aircraft Maintenance in 2017

For many reasons, aviation is in a constant state of change. From new technologies to expanding global markets, industry professionals are often faced with the unknown. While these fluctuations will always affect aviation, 2017 presents its own unique set of changes predicted to impact aircraft maintenance and related structures.
China Is Taking on Major Aircraft Manufacturers
Earlier […]

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Michael Berecz Discusses 7 Advances Changing Aviation With Avionics Magazine

Recently, our own Michael Berecz, Vice President of Global OEMs, had the opportunity to speak with Avionics Magazine about some of the biggest technological advances happening in aviation today.

In the article, we discuss advances involving:

Business organization
Data analysis

…and more!

Click the title to check out the full article “7 Technological Advances Changing the Landscape […]

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United Airlines: A Reminder of the True Cost of ‘Operational Excellence’

We’ve all read about the recent United Airlines debacle, in which a passenger was forcibly ejected from a flight because he refused to give up his seat. The response from United has been baffling, including the CEO’s defense of the actions taken against this passenger, leaving many of us to wonder how a major corporation […]

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The Meaning of ‘Green Aviation’

In March, Kapco Global’s own Bud Miller, Director of Business Process Management, discussed with GreenBiz the evolution of aerospace toward an industry focused on improving its environmental footprint (you can read the full article here). In it, he outlines changes to technology, airline efficiencies and the role of the supply chain—all examples of the pursuit […]

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Kapco Global Discusses Aviation and the Environment With GreenBiz

Last month, Kapco Global had the opportunity to discuss with GreenBiz some of the strides the aviation industry has made toward environmental improvements. Some areas covered include:

Recent aircraft innovations
Supply chain methods for “going green”
Airline efficiency improvements

Learn how these all work toward a smaller carbon footprint for aerospace by reading the full article: […]

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Kapco Global Discusses the Use of Prescriptive Analytics with Aerospace Manufacturing and Design Magazine

In an article for Aerospace Manufacturing and Design, Kapco Global discusses the implications for prescriptive analytics in aircraft manufacturing, maintenance and the supply chain, including three big obstacles that have prevented rapid adoption of this model. Plus, learn how Kapco Global uses methods like these to better serve our aviation customers.

Read the full article by […]

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What Does ‘Employee Ownership’ Mean at Kapco Global?

December of last year, Kapco Global was honored among large, mid-size and small businesses by the OC Register as a Top Workplace in Orange County. This award is aimed at recognizing organizations with a proven commitment to a positive company culture, and the results are determined solely by employee-initiated survey responses. While this has always […]

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Prescriptive Maintenance: The Next Generation of MRO Efficiency

The term “prescriptive maintenance” is derived from the principle of prescriptive analytics. This concept is a step past predictive maintenance; it not only supplies the possible outcomes in a situation, it also gives the best avenue to pursue based on analysis of those outcomes. This mode of strategy basically allows computing models to “think” for […]

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2017 Commercial Aviation Predictions and Obstacles

For the airline industry, 2017 is starting off as an unpredictable year. Amid worldwide political changes, an increase in terrorist threats across the Western world and recent OPEC news, many in commercial aviation are uncertain of what lies ahead. While these outlined factors are by no means a guarantee of losses to airlines in 2017, […]

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