Aviation Fuel Prices: Projected Increases and Possible Impacts to Aerospace

The cost of oil has the potential to play a very large role in all of our daily lives, influencing everything from personal finances to the performance of global economies. For the last several years, we have seen a rapid decrease in price, with barrel figures returning to lows reminiscent of the 1990s. However, these […]

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Rapid Advances in MRO Technology

MRO providers are essential parts of any successful airline. Accurate and highly efficient MRO teams are a major influencer on flight schedules, aircraft delivery and safety. It is no surprise that a position of such importance embraces technology at a rapid pace. Let’s look at a few of the advances that have been made to […]

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The Internet of Things (IoT) and Its Effects on Aviation Supply Chain Management

Forbes describes the Internet of Things (IoT) as the connectivity of any electronic device to another. With this connectedness comes a whole new world of data collection, parts tracking, inventory management and, ultimately, increased efficiency. And IoT goes beyond just our laptops and phones, to now include things like coffeemakers, refrigerators and even airplanes.
Existing MRO […]

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The Role of E-Commerce in Global Aviation Parts Distribution

E-commerce is nothing new. Well, it’s relatively new (if you’re thinking time span), but, for most of us, it’s a part of our daily lives. More and more people are buying everything from toilet paper to Christmas gifts online (and even from our phones). A 2016 study by eMarketer indicates that by 2017 over 46% […]

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Factors Involved in Fleet Retirement and Aircraft Recycling

Late last year, Emirates announced an aggressive fleet retirement schedule aimed at decommissioning 26 planes, comprised primarily of Airbus A330-300 and A340-300 models and six Boeing 777-200 ERs. Similarly, American Airlines announced plans to retire all of its Airbus A330-300 aircrafts by 2018. With whole fleets entering retirement, two questions can be asked: What factors […]

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Lean Manufacturing in the Aviation Industry

In the 1930s, Japanese researchers studying the Toyota manufacturing model developed a new strategy aimed at eliminating inefficiency and excess waste at each stage of the manufacturing process. This model, known as lean manufacturing, relies on continual feedback, process evaluation and “flow,” and it has been a major influence on today’s manufacturing principles. However, the […]

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Kapco Global Joins Forces with Netherlands-Based Avio-Diepen

Kapco Global and Avio-Diepen – The Perfect Fit
Kapco Global is pleased to announce the finalization of an agreement that joins Kapco Global with Netherlands-based aerospace distribution provider Avio-Diepen. The partnership will significantly strengthen each company’s position as a world-leading distributor of expendable parts and provider of customized inventory management solutions to the global aerospace industry. […]

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The Importance of Cultivating Customer Loyalty

Kapco Global’s consistent efforts to build customer loyalty earns us a Net Promoter Score of 51
Developing new customer relationships costs more than maintaining the relationships you already have. This is an economic fact in all business – aerospace or otherwise. In fact, a Gartner Group study indicates that 80 percent of future business will […]

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Spencer Suderman Breaks World Inverted Flat Spin Record!

And the Kapco Global logo was along for the ride!
Last weekend in Yuma, Arizona, acrobatic pilot Spencer Suderman broke his own world record for inverted flat spins, completing 98 rotations that were verified by two officials from the Guinness Book of World Records.

Check out the video below to get a wing and pilot’s view of […]

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Kapco Global – Receives TRACE Certification

Adopting TRACE’s Stringent Anti-Bribery Regulations Is One More Way Kapco Global Is Meeting the Needs of Customers Worldwide
With locations in the U.S., Europe and Asia, Kapco Global is an aerospace parts distributor – with international reach. As we continue to develop relationships with businesses in other countries we understand the importance of commercial transparency. One […]

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