The Environment

Kapco Global will provide a clean, safe and healthy work environment for its employees while using energy and natural resources efficiently and minimizing its negative impact on the environment.


Kapco Global maintains a long-term view of its business and its role in the community.  Even when the economic payback of certain initiatives is quite long, Kapco Global is willing to invest in improved environmental practices to ensure continuous improvement. While environmental standards and practices have been widely adopted in Europe, adoption rates have been slower in the United States.  Kapco Global, however, became ISO 14001 certified in 2010.


In the last several years, Kapco Global has significantly reduced its generation of landfill materials, its electrical usage, and significantly increased the volume of material recycled.  In 2011, Kapco Global introduced “closed-loop” water processing equipment to its machine shop to reduce water consumption and eliminate any waste products that might be introduced into the sewer system.  In 2013, Kapco Global installed new high-efficiency lighting and motion detection systems in multiple warehouses to reduce overall electrical consumption.