Cabin, Cockpit and Interior Products

Supplier Cage Code Description ATA Chapter
 Astronics-DME-Logo 55827 Batteries, Flashings, Eval and Survival, Exit & Emergency Signage, ELT’s, First Aid Kits  25,33
 ats 1GHW3 Diverse PMA Products Including Interior, Lighting and Audio  Various
 chicago-miniature 71744 Lamps  33
 EAM_WW_logo_2010_hiRes-115x150 57399 Life Vests, Life Rafts and Evacuation and Survival  25
 ge 08805 Lamps  Various
 IFPL-Logo-new-2014v2-150x34 KF575 Inflight Entertainment.Audio Jacks  25
 Keddeg_hi_res_8inches-150x31 83099OBX85 Air Filters and Coalescers  21
Koito-logo-from-CT-3-11-150x38 S50061GHW3 Evacuation and Survival, Exterior and Interior Lighting Systems, Signs, Window Heat Control Unit  25,30,33
 MadelecAero_Vector-150x54 F9503 Lighting, Signage and Cabin Components  Various
 magee-logo-137x150 64235 Interior Parts and Systems  25
Monaero-logo-150x57 OWDP7 Speakers, Interior Parts and Systems  23
 Oshino-Lamps-large-logo-12-12-150x37 S3774C7177 Lamps and Bulbs  Various
 PEXCO_HIREZ-136x150 5TTR906JC3 Extruded Plastics, Formings and Moldings  25,33,38,56
Stuekerjuergen-logo-from-CT-3-11-150x150 C5476 Assemblies, Extruded Plastics and Components 25,33
schneller 21213 Interior Wall and Floor Coverings/Decorative Laminates  25
 sirio A4582 Illuminated Panels  33
 Telex_bw-150x33 25734 Headsets  23
 UTAS_blue_RGB-150x21 OJC13    59885   D8095 Windshield Wiper Systems, Video Surveillance Systems, Lamps and Bulbs  Various
 Zodiac-150x50 05617 Illuminated Panels  33