Electrical Interconnect

Supplier Cage Code Description ATA Chapter
 amphenolairlb-150x140 F0394 Connectors and Wiring Accessories Various
 AmphenolPCD-150x26 58982 Connectors, Backshells and Wiring Accessories Various
 Arvanlogo-150x54 29965 Terminal Boards, Lugs, Bus Bars Various
 Breyden_Logo-150x52 0WFC7 Tapes, Sleeving, Braiding Various
 Burndy-150x27 1NJK8 Electrical Connectors, Terminals and Installation Tools Various
CaplugsCirclesLogo_7.13-150x36 99017


Dust Caps and Protective Plugs Various
 CarlisleIT_Logo_3inch-150x33 55104 Electrical Contacts Various
 conesys-150x117 0BW78 Connectors Various
 Cooper_interconnect-150x28 05574 Connectors, Relay Sockets, Splices Various
Esterline-Kirkhill-TA-150x63 F0225

07418    09922

Connectors (Elio,Fiber, Arinc, Circular) and Wiring Accessories 27,28,29,30,31,32
 HellermanTyton_Logo_4Color-150x21 53412 Wire and Cable Markers, Tie and Cable Wraps Various
 Panduit-150x34 06383 Cable Ties, Markers, Connectors, Terminals Various
 Polamco_Logo U5792 Backshells and Connector Accessories Various
 Radiall-150x54 0FDAS Rectangular Multi-Pin Arinc Connectors 23
 RMS-150x121 41118 Connectors Various
te-connectivity-logo-150x66 F1983
Electrical Connectors and Wiring Accessories, Terminal Sleeves, Shrink Tubing, Splices, Boots, Transitions Various
thomasbetts_logo-150x88 78229 Conduit, Cable Trays, Terminals and Harness Accessories Various

Aerospace and OEM Standards: Connectors, Contacts, Backshells, Braiding, Sleeving, Conduit, Splices, Clamps, Tie Wraps, Cable Markers and other Wire Harness Accessories

Part Numbers
AA520xx Boeing BACC63CD/CE D38999/20/24/26 MS3450-59
Airbus ABS1339 Boeing BACC63CM/CN EN2997 MS3470-76
BACC63CT/CU Beoing BACC47CN/CP EN3155 M39029
BACC63DB/DC Boeing BACC63DW/DY EN3545 M83723
Boeing BACC65AJ/AK DC56 EN3646 M85049
Boeing BACC63BP/BV DC62/63 MS24264-66 Rolls Royce ESC10